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Victoria 2 New Nations Mod

New Nations Mod (NNM) is a mod developed by Rylock and several others for A House Divided and later Heart of Darkness. It adds a large number of pre-existing and potential nations, as well as a multitude of historical events and other small changes. NNM was originally started as an alternative to Pop Demand Mod that did not include the changes in fundamental game mechanics, but still had many of the historical additions.

victoria 2 new nations mod

NNM adds a total of 220 nations, covering every continent. The most numerous additions are in Africa and Europe. Some are present at the start of the game, for example in Japan, which is now split into several daimyos. Others are releasable and more still are formable by union, for example Arabia and Yugoslavia. Some new cultures are also added.

PLEASE NOTE - Many of the tags mentioned here have not been verified despite existing in the Countries folder of the mod, nations like Belgium appear on this list, despite not having any content in-game, nor any of their accepted cultures existing either, these are remnants of HPM tags, as DoD uses HPM base files, these nations can be removed from this list.

Dynamic Tags are nations that come from releasing countries where no other nation has cores, this commonly occurs when colonising Africa. If you colonise OTL Gabon, for example, in your "Release Nations" tab in the politics menu, you'll see that there's a new nations, likely with a flag similar to that of OTL Serbia, named after a random province that it will own when released. These nations often have many accepted cultures, usually with your primary culture as their primary culture - if you played as Venice and released one of these Dynamic Tags, their primary culture would be Venetian.

Formable nations are special nations that do not exist in the 2275 starting date or Scenarios, but can be formed through a decision or focus enacted by certain nations provided they fulfill the needed requirements.

They act as cosmetic tags and change the name, flag and map color of the nation, but not other aspects like national focuses or advisors. Many formable nations do, however, grant cores on territory, which are otherwise unavailable, and thus allow a nation to increase its manpower and industrial capacity, in some cases decisively, though more practically, many of these merely represent ultimate end goals for ambitious players. There are a total of 21 formable nations by decision, with several others being formed within focus trees or events.

In the array of nations present in Old World Blues, many can complete a variety of tasks in order to form an all new nation. Sometimes, different nations can become the same formable. However, only one of these nations can become the formable. Becoming a formable will almost entirely guarantee a much stronger nation than the one present before it. Buffs included in becoming a formable include more resources, coring of states, and new nation ideas. While being mostly a late game occurrence, some formables can be created by players early on if done right.

By aiding the Free Folk in the Navarro Crisis, Eureka can unlock a hidden focus tree branch and form one of four nations by conquering Shi and completing the focus "Too Big to Fail". If the Ruler ideology is is the most popular ideology, Eureka will join the New California Republic and become the Eureka Territories. If the Intellectuals are the most popular ideology, Eureka will form The Granite Company, unlock Sophisticated Power Armor technology, and progress toward forming the Navarro Enclave. If the Elites are the most popular ideology, Eureka will become known as the Portmasters and unlock Sophisticated Naval Technolgy. Finally, if the People ideology is the most popular ideology, the Huboligists will take control and Eureka will become the Hubologists, unlocking Sophisticated Industry, Sophisticated Construction, and Sophisticated Exploitation technologies and relocating their capital to San Francisco.

The Rogue Rangers have access to three formable nations through their focus tree. All of the formables require them to consolidate their starting region, conquering the Guardians, 215th, the Sons of Kaga, and TV Town.

Formable by the Eighties. To form the Thunderbirds, the Eighties should choose to delay the Second Nevada Road War and fight another road war in Utah instead. To do so, take "The Masters of the Road" focus and pick "I shall gain glory or die!" to take over the Thunderbirds as The Eighties split into two nations. If the Thunderbirds succeed in the Second Nevada Road War and take Sac-City, they will become the Stormbirds.

Formable by New Victoria, Haida Confederation, Dredgers, Whistler, Kamlo, Koover, or Olympus Tribe if one of those nations owns all cores of the Broken Coast in some way either through allies/puppets/directly.

Oklahoma is formable by The Last Patrol after their leader gains the Oklahoma Patriot trait through focus/event. The State if Sequoyah is formable by the members of the Plains Federation (the Cherokee Nation, the Choctaw Nation, or the Chickasaw-Muscogee Coalition) by completing the "State of Sequoyah" focus. To form Oklahoma or the State of Sequoyah, the respective nations must control all of the core territory of The Last Patrol, the Plains Federation members, The Chained Choir, and the Scrappers Compact.

A course devoted to the main sources and problems of English history, from the end of Roman rule in Britain (c. 410) to the fifteenth century. Readings and discussions will focus on the rise of a distinctive Anglo-Saxon culture, the continuity and discontinuity of identities and institutions before and after the Norman invasion of 1066, the governmental and legal innovations of kings from Henry I to Edward I, the cultural and social changes of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, and the political and military upheavals of the fifteenth. Related themes and topics will include the development of law, the role of women, the changing status of commoners, intellectual trends, and the importance of public media for the dissemination of ideas. Students will be expected to read primary materials and some secondary scholarship in English (and some in Middle English), to write several papers, to participate actively in class, and to take midterm and final examinations.


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