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Buy Vodka

Vodka is traditionally from Russia and Poland, but today it is produced and sold around the globe. The United States and all parts of Europe contribute to the global vodka market. It is a fantastic beverage used in cocktails, mixed drinks, and shots. Do you know the simplicity of vodka makes it pretty awesome? The authenticity of vodka brings an ultimate essence while drinking. Authentic vodkas are composed of ethanol and water.We desire to provide everyone with appropriate knowledge about different types of liquors. Here, on our website, you will be enlightened about additional vodka flavors. Vodka has four types, and the taste of every one of them is pretty unique. Here are the types of vodka. 1. Plain Vodka2. Flavored vodkas3. Fruit vodkas4. Grain vodkas1. Plain VodkaPlain vodka-It contains high alcohol content. People usually do not consider plain vodka and its taste and keep it as a basic cocktail drink on the menu. The plain vodka is considered pretty pure without impurities but lacks flavor. It is like that essential kick that you need in your cocktail drinks. If you are a drinker, you will relate to it. As it is tasteless, the tasteless essence varies from the type of alcohol primarily used to make vodkas. The percentage of alcohol in vodka is 95% passed with repeated distillations. 2. Grain VodkasGrain vodka consists of 96% concentrated alcohol, and this alcohol is pure, made of rye and water. Vodka enthusiasts can try grain vodka because it is not everyone's cup of tea. Only those who drink vodka with zeal can have shots of vodka. Grain Vodkas are sold in the winter season as it warms up the body in chilling winters. It is hard to find such types of beverages in supermarkets. Thus, it is better to buy vodka online as per your needs.3. Fruit VodkaFruit Vodka is formulated with the fusion of fruits. In addition, herb-based vodkas also get clubbed in this category. Fruit-based vodkas have 50-80% alcohol in them, and the alcohol is mixed with fruits blended for nearly three weeks.

buy vodka

Great-tasting, smooth, top shelf quality rye vodka, distilled in small batches. It is vodka worth sipping, no dressing up or watering down required. Made from just two ingredients - Old World, non-GMO rye and oxygen-rich mountain spring water sourced from the Rhein River beneath the Alps.

XIX Vodka is a quintessential straight vodka with a stand-alone commitment to being clean, natural, and for the culture. XIX Vodka is made from premium wheat and distilled multiple times until impeccable purity. Finely balanced with soft water from the Scottish highlands, then slowly filtered to deliver a truly exceptional taste and finish.70CL, 40% VOL

A classic cocktail born at sea, popularized on land. The Lemongrass Vodka Gimlet is a blend of vodka, 100% real lime juice, and cane sugar syrup infused with crisp lemongrass. A refreshing citrus cocktail that will put wind in your sails.

Here at AIR COMPANY, producing sustainable products is our highest calling. Using advanced carbon utilization technology, we create products that have the potential to be the best and the cleanest in their categories. As a result, all of our products are the cleanest and purest on the market. But that is not where we stop. We make decisions across our supply chain, such as relying solely on renewable energy, using a natural, non-toxic adhesive for the label, having a 100% reusable and recyclable packing system, and offsetting printing by planting trees. Everything we do within our business is centered around making products that are kinder to the planet. We want to educate consumers that you do not need to sacrifice quality to embody notions of sustainability and the environment by building a brand that is centered around conscious living and consumption. In short, vodka is the cleanest, most sustainable spirit in the world. It is also ideal for the carbon utilization process, which makes it possible to create the cleanest, most sustainable alcoholic spirit on Earth. Get in touch today to learn more about our brand.

Get your favorite vodka delivered directly to you. Order vodka online today and choose from our large selection of 100% distilled vodkas, flavored vodkas and premium vodkas. Looking for grain-free vodka? No problem. Need grain vodka or potato vodkas? No problem. Quality Liquor Store has a large selection of vodkas in store. So, if you live in San Diego and looking for that special vodka, stop by our liquor store and buy the finest selection of vodkas at great prices.

The special triple distilled vodka has been steeped for several months allowing the scorpion to infuse the liquid with a unique woody taste. Our scorpions are farm raised and measure approximately 3-4cm long and the good (!) news is that they are totally edible (but mind the sting). So choose the friends you share the vodka with wisely - when you reach the end of the bottle - who will take up the challenge?

KEEL Vodka is the world\u2019s first premium light vodka. A new type of vodka that is light and refreshing and made with the very best ingredients America has to offer. Made with potatoes from Idaho KEEL Vodka is 0 carbs, 0 sugar, non-GMO, and Gluten Free. Distilled with the mantra of \u201CStay Balanced\u201D and all that it embodies KEEL is 23.8% alcohol by volume allowing you to have more fun longer and not have the party end early. As an added bonus because of that we are only 58 calories per serving! 041b061a72


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