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[S1E1] Through The Woods ((FULL))

We can hope that Felix was on top of his game as he implied and that there is nothing in those books to trip them up, as they're going to need all the help they can get, and the less evidence, the better their chances of getting through this on the other side.

[S1E1] Through The Woods

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However, at least Gene still has access to all the tools and resources of working at the station. The button Josh found and identified as Murphy's (and damn the fact that he discovered it, failing vision and all while peeing in the woods is such a fluke!), had two strains of blood on it.

The boys then hit some more alcohol and start singing in a cabin. Due to their loud singing, some girls come and find them. Pawel has a little too much and gets sick in the woods. Lucky for him, Laura comes to find him.

We go back to 1994. Pawel and Laura are sitting in the woods. She wants him to go somewhere, but Pawel has to watch the kids. Apparently this is the last night of camp and this was all Pawel needed to convince him to go with Laura. They venture into the woods to have some alone time. But, during their alone time, they start hearing screams. Pawel sends Laura running out of the woods and he stays behind. Then, we never see what happens!

Sometimes you just have to take a chance, and writer/director, Joey Greene, certainly does. As a result, we are given a brutal and honest short film. Greene cranks up the violence because he wants to show you how much of an unstoppable force The Brute is. Here, he holds nothing back, and takes audiences through a relentless thirteen minutes or so.

Joe dreams of walking on glass and a woman pleading with him to open the door. George cocks his gun and points it directly at young Joe. He fires his pistol as adult Joe awakens. He has a flashback of running through the woods, with his father in tow as he gets a glass of liquor and a cookie. Young Joe falls over a steep incline and listens to his father yelling. The racket woke Missy. He finishes off the alcohol and crams the cookie in his mouth.

Theis is a business owner, delivering stock to fruit and vegetable shops throughout the city. He works from his home, sharing it with his wife Pernille Birk Larsen and their three children. His two sons are aged six and seven while his daughter Nanna is older. He is levelheaded in his business, easily placating an angry customer when his employee damages some of their stock. Theis and Pernille have a loving relationship; Theis is called home during the day and is able to joke about their broken dishwasher when it floods their kitchen. When he is unable to fix the leak, he agrees to hire a plumber and pulls his wife to the floor, kissing her.

Pernille cannot reach Theis by phone so she learns where his van is parked and goes to find him on her bike. He is showing his employee the new, larger home that he has bought for his family. The man offers to involve Theis in selling widescreen televisions that he can obtain through unstated means. Theis realizes that he is in debt and gives him a handout but declines the offer. Pernille arrives to deliver the bad news that Nanna is missing. He urges Pernille to stay calm and promises that he will find Nanna.

It was the main setting of "The Sword: Part 1", the first episode of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. It also is the place of Razz's home, as well as of other wild creatures such as the Etherian Deer, giant mammals and bug-like monsters seen throughout the series.

The opening scene of the show sets up a lot of questions. Dr. Ben Halvorson chased a scruffy-looking man through the woods who stopped at the edge of a cliff. The man had flashes of a blonde woman screaming and a child. Halvorson pulled him back from the edge and suddenly we were in the middle of a strange interrogation.

In 2006, a man drives down a snowy highway in the middle of the night. As muffled shouts come from his trunk, he listens to a tape of a man raving about plotting to hurt or kill someone. Deer bound across the road and he hits one, swerving into the snow. A man stripped down to his underwear emerges from the trunk and runs off into the woods, while the driver stares at the dying deer.

Police deputy Molly Solverson finds the crashed car with the deer in the trunk, and calls chief Vern Thurman out to take a look with her. They follow a set of footprints into the woods, and find the nearly naked man, frozen to death next to a tree. Thurman returns home to his pregnant wife Ida to look at their unpainted nursery, unable to decide on a color. Ida agrees with his theory that the man in the woods was the driver, and delirious, stumbled out, undressed, and died.

The man follows Hess while he calls a man named Rundle and tells him he's going to be a couple of days behind schedule, as he has "personal" business to attend to. He tracks Hess to a strip club and murders him with a knife to the head while Hess has sex with a stripper. Thurman, Molly, and milquetoast officer Bill Oswalt are called to the crime scene. Molly brings up the fact that Hess has rumored ties to the Fargo Crime Syndicate, but Thurman reminds her that they are, in fact, just rumors. The man stops at an inn to spend the night, and after noticing a worker being berated by the clerk, convinces him to urinate in the gas tank of her car. He watches this through his window and calls the clerk, grinning.

Molly and Thurman have breakfast at her father's coffee shop to discuss the two deaths from yesterday. She notes that the man in the woods could not have been the driver, as the steering wheel had blood on it from a head injury, but the man's head was fine. As she also mentions she found the car was reported stolen, Thurman wistfully comments that she will make an excellent chief. A representative from Fargo coaches Hess' uncaring widow, Gina, on what to say to the police. Hess' murderer calls the house posing as the estate attorney and tells Hess' older son that all of his father's possessions are going to his younger brother. As Thurman and Molly question Gina, the older brother runs outside and starts beating up the younger, which Molly is forced to break up.

Pearl finds Lester in their basement, trying to fix the washer, but only ends up making it worse. Pearl again insults him, despite Lester saying he was "standing up to the tide," something the man told him to do. When she openly regrets her marriage to him and refuses to take it back, he snaps and hits her with a hammer. As she starts to bleed from the hit, Lester hits her again until he kills her. Horrified, he instinctively calls the man and gives him his address. Lester grabs a shotgun and loads it, deciding to kill the man and stage him as the murderer. Thurman shows up and notices blood by the basement stairs, seeing Pearl's body. He arrests Lester and calls Molly, but before he can tell her of the situation, the man sneaks in through the back, grabs Lester's gun, and kills Thurman with it. One of the pellets of the shotgun embeds itself in Lester's hand as Molly and Bill arrive. The man slips out through a basement window, and Lester, unsure what to do as Molly enters the house, stares at a poster of one red fish swimming against a tide of yellow fish, captioned "WHAT IF YOU'RE RIGHT AND THEY'RE WRONG?", stained with Pearl's blood. He runs face-first into it and knocks himself out. Molly notices two buckets of paint for Thurman's nursery in the trunk of his car, and goes to the Thurman house to tell his wife.

Then you get the credits (which remain excellent), and then there's a sequence in which "Return To Me" plays while a camera flies through the COVID-emptied streets of New York in March 2020. Then we move back "three months earlier," to New Year's Eve, where we begin this season proper. So if you're keeping up, it's already been early 2019, then it was March 2020, and now it's New Year's Eve 2019. We are not at the eight-minute mark yet!

Instead, this season is landing at what is, for a lot of people, not the most dangerous moment in this pandemic but certainly the most infuriating. So an invitation to look back on January through March of 2020 is like an invitation to a person who just got hit in the face with a tennis ball to look at an instant replay of being hit with that ball while also trying to avoid another ball.

Something on the path ahead catches his attention and he stops, takes out his inhaler and begins to shake it. As he is about to take a puff, a herd of panicked deer rush through the woods at him. His inhaler goes flying as he drops to the ground amid the pounding hooves.

Once home, Scott lies down on his bed. A waxing gibbous moon is visible out the window above his head. Scott smiles contentedly and drifts off to sleep. He rolls over in bed and suddenly finds himself on a blanket of wet leaves. He awakes with a start and realizes he is inside a cave in the woods.

It is early morning. A thick fog hangs over the forest as he begins walking. He hears twigs snapping and looks around for the source of the noise. He notices a shadowy form at the base of a nearby tree. It is hard to make out through the fog at first but then resolves into the creature that bit him two nights prior.

An excited Stiles runs up to Scott at lacrosse practice. He says forensic evidence from the body in the woods suggests a wolf was involved but Scott is too preoccupied with practice to stop and listen.

The series premiere opens with a young woman scrambling through a darkened forest at night. She stumbles into a small clearing and sees an immense light growing over a nearby hill. As the surrounding leaves begin to whirl around the woman in a vortex, a figure approaches from the light. The figure stands over her as the light engulfs them both.

Special Agent Dana Scully enters the FBI building and reports to a receptionist. She then walks through a set of offices until she comes to Division Chief Scott Blevins' office. Inside, Blevins questions her about her past work while a mysterious man smoking a cigarette silently watches. Scully is a medical doctor who has been working within the FBI for a little more than two years. Blevins notifies her that she is being assigned to work with Fox Mulder on the X-Files, a group of cases that involve paranormal or inexplicable phenomena. 041b061a72


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