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Ocean Of Love

At One Ocean Arts we hand carve all of our designs into linoleum blocks to make one of a kind prints. Each item is hand printed with love using non toxic ink that is safe for washing. We strive to provide some of the softest clothing for you and your loved ones. All of our items are either made from 100% cotton or a blend of organic and recycled materials.

Ocean of Love

We are a hand printed surf inspired clothing brand offering one of a kind ocean related products. We are a small eco-friendly business made up of forward-thinkers, with a passion to conserve and protect marine life. 5% of all One Ocean net profits are donated toward keeping the oceans clean.

These ocean and sea quotes remind us of our strength and resilience, and our love and vulnerabilities. They help us to weather tough times and challenges, knowing calmer seas will soon replace the storm.

The structure of the Love Ocean bottle acts as a talking point during bath time for parents to entertain their children with storytelling about the wonders of the ocean. And about the magnificent creatures that inhabit its waters. The tail is a key feature for the brand, used above the brand name; its shape is reminiscent of a heart, linking to the brand name and a love for our ocean. It also evokes the fluidity of ocean waves and is set against a calming, sea spray-inspired, off-white and ocean blue colour palette.

These male and female ocean animals have particular ways to courtship, from offering rocks to singing melodies to their lovers. While monogamy among creatures is uncommon, these marine residents have found love in the depths of the ocean and are undoubtedly the 8 most romantic sea creatures for us.

Once coupled, these lovers share the burrow, life, and duties. They help each other find food, protect, and care for their baby eggs. The union can last up to 20 years, which is the lifespan of this species.

Charming dance moves and unique songs are the preferred flirting expression of humpback whales. So when breeding season arrives, male humpback whales will compose and sing romantic songs to entice their female crush. It is a love serenade at its best.

Dainty lovers who are small in stature but mighty in love are the best description for the butterflyfish. They get their name from the butterfly-like eyespots on their sides, intended to fool predators into thinking the fish is fleeing in the wrong direction.

These lovebirds couple in the early stages of their lives and stay together in a long-lasting relationship. They love deeply, and courtship between the pair is prolonged and passionate. The fish will commonly circle one another in a head-to-tail pattern until one break and flees, followed by the other.

When they find a partner, they travel, hunt, and mate together for the rest of their lives. If the two fish become separated, one will try to reconnect with the other by swimming higher for a better view and reuniting with their lost love.

There are many cute creatures in the sea, but only a few choose long-term love over frolicking on the coral polyps. Monogamy is a rare concept for creatures living in the depths of the ocean. But, whatever might be the reason, these marine animals mate for a lifetime and get the title of most romantic sea creatures out there.

This piece was created with pressed Forget-me-not flower inside a teardrop shaped metal bezel to represent how we are all just drops in this vast ocean of love. It comes with a delicate silver coated alloy chain.

I ordered the shark identification playing card decks, the children's book, and the Shark tooth Christmas cards. All are superior quality and educational. I am impressed on many levels: as a public school teacher, a former SCUBA instructor, and a grandmother, I am excited to share these with my grandsons and my students. I love the connection they can make with actual sharks through use of the QR codes on the decks. I love how the children's book portrays the sharks as necessary and interesting creatures in our environment and not terrifying monsters of the sea. Oh, and the Christmas cards are cute, clever, and printed on quality card stock. Well done! I will purchase again!

But who knows if destiny exists because even though now we seldom see each other, we interact indirectly during my work at Brown. This has allowed me to realize that he is full of surprises, and my enthusiasm about him and all his secrets has grown lately. However, it has been during this cruise that I finally have fallen in love with the Ocean.

I love a lot of things but many of those things are words. dirgewithoutmusic on Ao3,novels on, games on,ejadelomax on patreon, second star to the left podcast,sortinghatchats

While the love concept for this album could relate to so many albums of all genres, Ocean took that idea a step further and covered all aspects of love, both relationships and acquaintances. I think those who really can appreciate the thought behind lyrics and instrumental context can appreciate this album. It definitely has been an impactful one for me and my high school years.

While you may be picturing tranquil seas lapping against a tropical beach, the ocean can be tumultuous and threatening, too. These rough seas quotes focus on the oceans powerful side, and the life lessons to be taken from it.

Wake up to breathtaking ocean or city views when you stay in one of our guest rooms or suites. Ocean offers guests a variety of accommodations, from Contemporary King and Queen rooms, to exquisite Studio and One Bedroom suites.

In this work, after highlighting the role that 3D path effects at continental margins play in apparent source locations of surface waves generated in deep water, we focus on the origin of secondary microseism Love waves and understanding better their relationship with Rayleigh waves. Comparing real observations with regional 3D acoustic/seismic simulations, we illustrate how continental margins influence the energy of Love waves observed on land. Finally, we discuss how our proposed mechanisms for ocean Love wave generation relate to the secondary microseism Love wave levels observed in different regions of the world.

Multiple parameters will affect the relative levels of Love and Rayleigh wave energy observed on land: sediments thickness, velocity structure, basin morphology and lateral extent, bathymetry, station position relative to steepest slope orientations, and source distribution originating from ocean waves interactions. In that regard, each particular region around the world is unique and a detailed characterization of the environment is needed to understand the observed Love wave levels. However, interesting comparisons can still be made with our synthetic analysis (Fig. 6) to explain the observed L/R ratios from selected regions (Fig. 10). With dominant back azimuths pointing toward the North and South for sedimentary basins located along the coast of Australia, the role of sediments on the attenuation of Rayleigh waves and generation of Love waves has also been proposed to explain the observed ratios between Love and Rayleigh waves12. In Japan, the L/R energy ratios have been linked to sources along the continental shelf with dominants NE and SW back azimuths, depending on the seasons15. Those observations likely reflect 3D propagation effects from the very pronounced bathymetry gradient at the shelf, but also the sediments distribution around Japan with thicker sedimentary deposits in the NE and SW regions. For the West United States (US) region, L/R energy ratios comparable to Ireland have been observed17, although larger ratios have also been derived for individual days linked with source interaction with the sediments located along the coast in the North9 (Fig. 10). Europe represents an interesting case as it shows significant differences between L/R energy ratios averaged over long periods of times10,16: low ratios are found closer to the dominant NE Atlantic microseisms sources, whereas doubled ratios are observed in central Europe (Fig. 10). In fact, those observations agree quite well with the differences in ratios observed in our synthetic cases, showing high ratios and transverse amplitudes for thick, slow sediments located in shallow water (Fig. 6). It is worth noting that some of the thickest sediments distributions in Europe are found along the Norwegian coast and in the North Sea in relatively shallow waters. In addition, several studies have defined the shelf area along Norway as a substantial contribution in the secondary microseisms recorded in Europe10,18,40. With the NS orientation of the North Sea grabens, and associated low velocity sedimentary layers50, a relatively high amount of Love waves generated in the North Sea compared to Rayleigh waves likely radiate straight toward central Europe, with no significant interaction from bathymetry changes, leading to the observed higher L/R estimates than for Ireland. In fact, for central Europe the dominant back azimuth directions linked with high L/R ratios point toward the NW10, toward the North Sea.

This World Oceans Day, Love Beauty and Planet has decided to join the movement by launching their new and exclusive beauty and personal care line of products packaged in bottles made from ocean bound plastic as well as partnering with the Surfrider Foundation and their sister brand, Love Home and Planet, to sponsor 26 beach clean ups and donate $250,000 back towards protecting our oceans. Read on to learn more about these new and exciting initiatives. 041b061a72


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