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My Lockbox Pro Upgrade Code 1

Once you purchase the license, we will send you a license key (upgrade code) to activate the product. Please make sure that you have the latest version of My Lockbox if the license key wouldn't work for you.

my lockbox pro upgrade code 1

1. Types of keys. Any physical or electronic key, programmer, or other device (hereinafter referred to as key) by which a lockbox can be opened, must be non-duplicative. Being non-duplicative means that it cannot be readily copied in the manner that other types of keys ordinarily are. (Amended 5/17)

A mobile device (such as, a smart phone, tablet, fob, etc.) can transmit a key to access a lockbox using standard protocols, including Bluetooth, ZigBee, infrared technology, and others. The applications and software used by mobile devices must contain security controls to allow only authorized users access to the lockbox. (Adopted 5/17)

As a matter of local discretion, the listing broker or agent can issue temporary codes/access to the lockbox and property on terms and conditions agreed to in advance by the seller. Temporary codes/access must expire within seventy-two (72) hours after being issued or must be under the control of the listing broker or agent. Temporary codes must be a minimum field size of five (5) characters. (XX,XXX) (Adopted 5/17)

3. Availability of lockbox system and keys. Any lockbox system must be designated as either an activity of an association of REALTORS or an association-owned and operated MLS. (Amended 5/17)

If the lockbox system is an activity of an association of REALTORS, then every REALTOR and REALTOR-associate and every non-principal broker, sales licensee and licensed or certified appraiser affiliated with a REALTOR, shall be eligible to hold a key subject to their execution of a lease agreement with the association. (Amended 11/96)

If the lockbox system is an activity of an association-owned and operated MLS, then every MLS participant and every non-principal broker, sales licensee and licensed or certified appraiser who is affiliated with an MLS participant and who is legally eligible for MLS access shall be eligible to hold a key subject to their execution of a lease agreement with the MLS. (Amended 5/17)

Individuals may be required to pay lockbox costs as part of association dues or as part of MLS participation fees pursuant to MLS Policy Statement 7.57, Categorization of MLS Services, Information, and Products and pursuant to NAR Bylaws Official Interpretation #32. No one shall be required to lease a key from the association except on a voluntary basis. (Adopted 5/17)

Associations and MLSs may refuse to sell or lease lockbox keys, may terminate existing key lease agreements, and may refuse to activate or reactivate any key held by an individual who has been convicted of a crime within the past seven (7) years under the following circumstances: (Amended 5/17)

Associations or MLSs may suspend the right of lockbox keyholders to use lockbox keys following their arrest and prior to a nal determination on any such charge if, in the determination of the association or MLS, the charge relates to a crime that relates to the real estate business or puts clients, customers, other real estate professionals, or property at risk. (Amended 5/17)

5. Seller authority required. Lockboxes may not be placed on a property without written authority from the seller. This authority may be established in the listing contract or any other written document. Inclusion in MLS compilations cannot be required as a condition of placing lockboxes on listed property. (Amended 5/17)

7. Rules and procedures governing lockbox systems. Associations or MLSs must adopt written, reasonable, and appropriate rules and procedures for administration of lockbox systems which may include appropriate fines, not to exceed $15,000. Any issuing fees, recurring fees, or other administrative costs shall be established at the discretion of the association or MLS and set forth in the rules and procedures. All keyholders, whether or not they are association members or MLS participants, shall agree, as a condition of the key lease agreement, to be bound by the rules and procedures governing the operation of the lockbox system. (Amended 5/17)

Day Codes for out of the area agentsThe Association consented to offering a Day Code option. FAAR agents will be able give a day code (60 minutes entry access per house) to out of the area agents. Sentrilock will provide training on the usage. The agents are responsible for giving out those codes. Day Codes are not to be given to FAAR members.

How to recycle lockboxes1. Do not throw boxes into the trash.2. Remove batteries.3. Open the lockbox key compartment using your SentriKey Mobile App.4. Remove the battery cover using a Philips Head screwdriver.5. Remove the two CR123A batteries from the lockbox.6. Deliver lockbox and batteries to a solid waste facility in your community.

Same goes for the key compartment when you open the key compartment the motor will turn and then the compartment opens. You will hear the motor turn again and when it stop, you can close the door. Trying to close it before the motor stops can jam the motor and potentially harm the lockboxI am in lockbox tools and am having issues with not being able to open my shackle or lockbox with my phone when I go to lockbox tools these items are greyed out.Are you using a supported phone? Phones that are supported are:i. Apple iPhone IOS 7 or higherii. Android version 6 or higher

Attaching the lockbox to a solid wall on your Airbnb makes for a more secure placement, but requires more time and equipment. With this method, you get more wiggle room to find a safe place to hide your key. Search for a place that is discrete and well-hidden, but also easy to find and conveniently accessible for your guests.

Harsh weather conditions like extreme cold, snow, or rain can jam or freeze a lockbox and prevent it from opening. For guests, this can quickly become a holiday-turned-nightmare situation if they find themselves locked outside in poor weather. To prevent a situation like this, purchase a flip-open cover for your lockbox that provides a barrier against the elements.

Most customer complaints about lockboxes revolve around guests accidentally locking themselves out of the box before inputting a passkey. This common blunder can be avoided by providing clear, specific instructions about using the box prior to their arrival. Also, consider leaving a backup key with a neighbor just in case the situation arises.

Finding the right model of lockbox for your keys is all about striking the right balance between strength and ease-of-use, as well as getting a lockbox big enough to fit your keys. There are 3 popular lockbox models which vary in terms of their unlocking mechanism, ease of use, and safety.

Push-button locks: these allow you to set a combination you can punch in any order. These models are simple and convenient to program, but their pass-codes can be predictable and easy to guess.

Wheel models: this model has four to six scrolling wheels with numbers or letters to form a combination. These can be used to encode a long, secure PIN number. However, experts can break into most wheel models simply by fiddling underneath the gears with a small piece of metal.

This unorthodox lockbox overcomes the problem of guests forgetting their keycodes by setting the code as a four-letter word that can be plugged in using letters rather than numbers. With a reinforced hardened steel shackle built to withstand hammering and sawing, this rust and corrosion-resistant lock is safe, secure, solid, strong, and most of all, convenient for your guests.

Smart lock devices replace the traditional lockbox (and even a standard key) with an electronic system that unlocks upon receiving a wireless signal from an authorized smartphone, or a code. At their core, the smart locks afford property managers all the benefits that come with lockboxes, such as self check-ins, customizable and hand-free property access, while also avoiding unnecessary complications like lost keys, forgotten passcodes, and vulnerabilities to mechanical breaching.

This can occur if the door pins of the lock box are left resting against the lock mechanism without being closed. This has fooled the lock into thinking it is closed completely.1. Press any button on the lock keypad and when the lock lights green, close the lock and it will light blue when locked.2. If using a code to open the lock box, enter the key code provided, when the lock lights green, close the lock and it will light blue when locked.

Reset Keys allows the lock box owner to revoke all Bluetooth access to the lock, including their own. The owner and all guests will receive updated Bluetooth credentials on their mobile devices.LOST / STOLEN DEVICE NOTE! The owner of a lost or stolen mobile device should first go to the web site and change their username and passcode.To Reset Keys, the lock box owner must:1. Make sure that the owner's device that is synced to the lock is within Bluetooth range of the lock box(Reset Keys cannot be performed remotely).2. Select the Appropriate padlock or lock box from the LOCKS list.3. Touch MANAGE LOCK in the upper right corner. Enter your passcode, if prompted.4. Touch the SETTINGS icon in the upper right corner.5. Touch RESET KEYS.6. Follow any additional instructions in the APP to save the changes to your lock box. This step must be completed for each lock box the lost or stolen device had access to.

The Master Lock SafeSpace Portable Bluetooth Lock Box shackle can be opened using Bluetooth credentials or by entering a numeric code in the key pad.To open using Bluetooth credentials:1. Make sure that the user has followed the instructions for "How to Register and Add Your Lock" or has been granted shackle access by the owner and has accepted an invitation to access a lock box.2. Make sure that your Master Lock eLocks App is open and the user is logged in to the App.3. Touch MANAGE LOCK in the upper right hand corner and enter your password or code if prompted.4. Wake the lock by pressing any key on the lock box key pad.5. Touch OPEN SHACKLE.6. When the lock box lights green, pull the shackle straight up and away to remove within 5 seconds.To open manually using a traditional code:The lock box shackle can be removed using the primary code which is found in the App and upper right corner of the Instruction Sheet.1. Simultaneously press the clear button and first number in the Primary Code.2. Release the clear button and first number of the primary code, and then enter the remaining numbers in your primary code.3. When the lock box lights green, pull the shackle straight up and away to remove within 5 seconds.


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