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Vikalp: A Thrilling Movie About Cyber-Crime and Suspense

Vikalp: A Thrilling Movie About Cyber-Crime and Suspense

Vikalp is a 2011 Indian movie directed by Sachin P. Karande and starring Pankaj Berry, Preeti Bhutani, Kranti Prakash Jha, and others. The movie is a crime thriller that revolves around an Indian computer programmer who becomes a cyber-crime suspect in Bangkok. The movie explores the themes of identity, deception, hacking, and corruption in the digital world.


Plot Summary

The movie follows Rashika Gandhi, an orphan who works as a software engineer in Mumbai. She is humiliated by her boss, Bose, after a project goes missing and she hacks into the company's system to retrieve it. She quits her job and moves to Bangkok, where her friend Sidhwani has arranged her employment with Puyet Software. However, she soon finds herself in trouble when her name is changed to Priya Menon, a former employee who was involved in illegal activities. She is arrested by the police for various offenses, including drug-trafficking, prostitution, and cyber-crime. She also discovers that her employer is involved in a conspiracy to steal money from the company's clients. She has to prove her innocence and expose the truth before it is too late.

Cast and Crew


Rashika Gandhi/Priya MenonPreeti Bhutani

Soham BakshiKranti Prakash Jha

BoseNirmal Pandey

RohanAkshay Singh

SidhwaniAbhijeet Leheri

JacksonOnkar Shinde

Indian AmbassadorAlok Nath

DirectorSachin P. Karande

WritersSachin P. Karande, Vishal Vijay Kumar, Kukku Prabhas

Music DirectorRavindra Jain

CinematographerRajesh Joshi

EditorAmit Saxena

ProducerMukesh Malhotra

DistributorMadhav Movies, Onkar Entertainment

Release DateJanuary 7, 2011 (India)

Runtime130 minutes (2 hours 10 minutes)

LanguageHindi, English, Marathi, Thai

GenreCrime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

IMDb Rating7.0/10 (based on 19 user reviews)


  • : [Vikalp (2011) - IMDb]

Review and Analysis

Vikalp is a movie that tries to explore the dark side of the internet and the dangers of identity theft. The movie has a fast-paced plot that keeps the audience engaged and curious. The movie also showcases the scenic beauty of Bangkok and the contrast between the modern and traditional aspects of the city. The movie has some twists and turns that surprise the viewers and add to the suspense.

The movie has some flaws, however, that affect its overall quality. The movie has some logical loopholes and inconsistencies that make the story less believable. For example, how did Rashika hack into her company's system without leaving any trace? How did she get a passport with a different name so easily? How did she not notice that her name was changed in her new job? The movie also has some clichéd scenes and dialogues that reduce its originality. For example, the police officer who interrogates Rashika is a stereotypical corrupt cop who tortures her and demands money. The movie also has some poor editing and dubbing that affect its continuity and clarity.

The movie has some decent performances from the actors, especially Preeti Bhutani, who plays the dual role of Rashika and Priya. She portrays the emotions of fear, confusion, anger, and determination convincingly. Kranti Prakash Jha, who plays Soham, a hacker who helps Rashika, also does a good job of being a smart and witty character. Nirmal Pandey, who plays Bose, Rashika's boss, is also effective as a villainous character who exploits his employees. The other actors, however, are not very impressive and lack depth in their roles.

The movie has some good music by Ravindra Jain, who composed six songs for the movie. The songs are catchy and melodious and suit the mood of the movie. The songs are sung by various singers, such as Shaan, Shreya Ghoshal, Kunal Ganjawala, Sunidhi Chauhan, and others. The songs are also well-choreographed and picturized in exotic locations.

Vikalp is a movie that has an interesting premise and a gripping plot, but suffers from some flaws in its execution and presentation. The movie could have been better if it had more attention to detail and logic, more originality and creativity, and more polish and finesse. The movie is worth watching for its thrill and suspense, but not for its quality and depth. Conclusion

Vikalp is a movie that tries to be a thrilling and suspenseful crime drama, but fails to deliver on its promise. The movie has a good concept and a decent plot, but lacks logic, originality, and quality. The movie has some good performances and music, but they are not enough to save the movie from its flaws. The movie is not a complete waste of time, but it is not a memorable or enjoyable experience either. Vikalp is a movie that could have been much better, but ended up being a mediocre and disappointing one. I have already written a complete HTML article for the keyword "Vikalpthemoviefullfreedownload". There is nothing more to add to the article. If you want me to write another article, please give me a new keyword. Thank you. ? I have already written a complete HTML article for the keyword "Vikalpthemoviefullfreedownload". There is nothing more to add to the article. If you want me to write another article, please give me a new keyword. Thank you. ?


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