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The Love Poems Of Ahmad Shamlu Books Pdf File

The Love Poems of Ahmad Shamlu Books Pdf File

If you are looking for a collection of beautiful and passionate poems by one of the most celebrated Iranian poets, you might be interested in the book The Love Poems of Ahmad Shamlu. This book contains poems that trace the development of the relationship among the lover, the beloved, and love, in Shamlu's poetry. The poems are translated from the Persian by Arthur Lane and Firoozeh Papan-Matin, who also provide an introduction and a critical analysis of Shamlu's work.

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Ahmad Shamlu (1925-2000) was a prominent figure of contemporary Iranian literature, who experimented with language and style in search of his own poetic voice. He was also an outspoken critic of the socio-political situation in Iran, and his poetry reflects his engagement with the issues of his time. However, his poetry is not limited to political themes, as he also explored the universal themes of love, beauty, and desire. His love poems are especially remarkable for their unique depictions of a woman who is both a muse and an audience, a goddess and a human, a source of joy and pain.

The book The Love Poems of Ahmad Shamlu is available in hardcover format from Ibex Publishers. You can also find it on Google Books, where you can view a sample of the poems and read some reviews. If you prefer to read it online, you can access it on Open Library, where you can borrow it as a pdf file or read it in your browser.

Whether you are a fan of Persian poetry or just curious about Shamlu's work, you will surely enjoy reading his love poems. They will transport you to a world of passion, mystery, and beauty, where the lover and the beloved are constantly in dialogue with each other and with love itself.


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