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David Lark
David Lark

Arma 3 Activate Trigger Script

When the car leaves the road it will explode. BTW, it will also explode driving over a bridge due to some bug with Arma 3, when it thinks bridges are not roads. Though this issue has been assigned, so might get a fix soon. Oh yeah, make sure you delete the trigger after you done with it. Even a single activation trigger which could only ever activate once then execute its onActivationStatement code and then become useless, will still continue to run its conditionStatement every 0.5 seconds unnecessary. Some room for optimisation here, BIS!

Arma 3 Activate Trigger Script

Download Zip:

The triggers are checked in order they were added and trigger statements therefore will also execute in the order triggers were added. This is why it actually makes sense to name triggers trigger1, trigger2, trigger3 etc. You can also have multiple triggers set up and add last trigger to summarise the condition of all triggers. Because onActivationStatement is triggered only once, you can safely spawn script from it and terminate it when trigger is deactivated without the need to check if the spawned script is already running.


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