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Supreme Commander 2 DLC Infinite War Battle Pack-SKIDROW

Supreme Commander 2 DLC Infinite War Battle Pack-SKIDROW

Supreme Commander 2 is a real-time strategy game developed by Gas Powered Games and published by Square Enix in 2010. It is the sequel to the acclaimed 2007 game Supreme Commander, which was praised for its epic scale and complex gameplay. Supreme Commander 2 features a streamlined interface, a revamped economy system, and a new storyline that follows the aftermath of the Infinite War, a conflict that spanned across multiple planets and factions.

In 2010, Gas Powered Games released the Infinite War Battle Pack, a downloadable content (DLC) pack that added new maps, units, experimentals, tech tree upgrades, and boosts for the PC version of Supreme Commander 2. The DLC pack was well-received by fans and critics alike, who praised the variety and balance of the new content. The DLC pack also included a patch that fixed some bugs and improved the performance of the game.


In 2011, a group of hackers known as SKIDROW cracked the DRM protection of the Infinite War Battle Pack and released it for free on various torrent sites. The crack allowed players to install and play the DLC pack without purchasing it from Steam or other official sources. The crack also bypassed the online authentication system, which enabled players to play online with other cracked or legitimate versions of the game. The crack was widely downloaded by players who wanted to try out the new content or avoid paying for it.

However, the crack also had some drawbacks and risks. Some players reported that the crack caused their game to crash or freeze randomly, or corrupted their save files. Some players also encountered compatibility issues with other mods or patches that they had installed previously. Moreover, downloading and using the crack was illegal and unethical, as it violated the terms of service of Gas Powered Games and Steam, and deprived the developers of their deserved revenue. Players who used the crack also faced the possibility of being banned from online servers or legal actions from the authorities.

Therefore, it is recommended that players who want to enjoy the Infinite War Battle Pack should purchase it from Steam or other official sources, rather than downloading and using the SKIDROW crack. Not only will they support the developers and respect their rights, but they will also ensure a smooth and stable gaming experience without any glitches or errors. The Infinite War Battle Pack is worth every penny, as it adds hours of fun and challenge to Supreme Commander 2.

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