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Randy Goodall
Randy Goodall

Everything You Need to Know About Honkai Star Rail Download on Reddit

I have completed the story, done every quest I've gotten, done every puzzle that I could find, and have 159 achievements done. I have all the zone shops done except the last, which is only missing the final Fire Eidolon purchase. Finally, I have done finished Simulation World 5 [Edit: and 3-starred Forgotten Hall up to and including Floor 10]. Oh, and I'm Trailblaze Level 36. My pull history is currently:

honkai star rail download reddit

To mark the pre-download launch, HoYoverse has released a new trailer featuring the character Seele. The trailer has already garnered an impressive 500k views in 24 hours, showcasing the game's high popularity. Fans are excited to board the Astral Express and immerse themselves in the game's immersive world.

We do not suggest deleting the game and reinstalling it, as that has not helped any players so far in solving this issue. Some also point to restarting the game as a way for the server to download more resources or updates to the current build, so that could help fix this.


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